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Does Improving Student Scores Feel Like Climbing

Mt. Kilimanjaro?

Our Story

Our team has spent over 15 years providing educational support services to K-12 schools nationwide. In this time, we engaged in after school tutoring and provided services to over 100,000 children in 20 different states. Through this process we know what a school looks like, how they operate and what they even smell like. It is our competitive advantage and asset to understand this effectively to help our educators, students and their parents.

In our experience, standardized testing has become more prevalent over the years, regardless of the educational system your school or state follows. It is a necessary component, however, one that causes anxiety.  We all have experienced testing un-ease and perhaps not performed to the levels we expected when a test was given.

Our founder has suffered from test taking anxiety since 5’th grade and throughout his academic, personal and professional career. Class Compete was conceived on a trek to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro where there was an excessive amount of anxiety! During this process an idea surfaced: could you make a test fun instead?

This challenge around assessments caused us to re-imagine the entire test taking process and think about visual, tactile and auditory learners. The objective became how we could use the power of tests as a learning tool both in and outside the classroom by making it so engaging that students loved it.

Enjoy our learning games and know we have dedicated our lives to improving student scores and hope you will join us in our journey!

Time, Pressure, Anxiety and Fatigue Management of Testing

The Class Compete Learning Game Solution

While the word “test” makes many cringe, educators and academic scientists understand and have proven the powerful benefits regular testing can have on our abilities to learn. Whether your goal is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or to ace a standardized test, you must adequately prepare to succeed. What Class Compete attempts to do is combine test preparation with something students are absolutely passionate and excited to do – Video Games!
Class Compete believes HOW testing is integrated into the learning experience is critical. If done poorly, it can actually decrease our working memories and cause a negative, anxiety ridden learning environment. We are on a mission to change this and design our products to help students improve academic performance through the use of fun learning game environments,  while giving parents and teachers data results they can use to make better learning decisions.
Our Product Offering:
  • A reimagined test prep solution that improves student scores
  • Teaches time, anxiety and pressure skills management
  • Make testing a positive learning tool by using fun math games and fun reading games
  • Use at true gaming engine (Unity)  to provide games students love, not “bolt on” sub-par experiences
  • Include certified content that is similar in style as new digital standardized tests
  • Offer an integrated platform for students, AND portals for parents and teachers

Boost Confidence, Reduce Text Anxiety –  Improve Student Scores

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