Assessment That Works

November 27, 2015
CJ Cannizzaro

Assessment- It Can Work With Common Core!

One of the biggest challenges facing teachers with respect to the implementation of the Common Core standards is how to effectively track student mastery of concepts. Traditionally, this has been through the administration of assessments that periodically gauge student progress and identify areas of weakness requiring additional practice or remediation. These paper and pencil tests are time consuming, requiring teacher time to grade, assess, and analyze the data…but that is all about to change!

Summative assessments and formative assessments are by far the best methods for assessing student progress as they are administered throughout the learning process and can yield valuable information that enables teachers to modify instruction to meet the needs of the learners. The idea of being able to administer summative assessments online that engage students and provide valuable data for teachers is the next step in making classroom instruction meaningful

Top Tool for Online Assessment

While there is a plethora of online learning resources, interactive games, summative assessments and software tools available to teachers and parents, the search for these resources can be time consuming to say the least. In addition, trying to align the content to Common Core often requires multiple attempts to determine if it is worth the time and effort — if it is not worth your time and effort it is probably not going to help your students.

  • One free resource that has done all of the research and alignment is OpenEd- Assessment which enables you to teach, assess, and analyze with the largest K-12 resource library available.

OpenEd’s Assessment Tool won the ISTE Best in Show award for 2014  and its comprehensive library of over 10,000 resources are touted as “realistic, online practice tests for all Common Core assessments including PARCC and SBAC.”

Registration is simple and free, requiring only an email address — and voilá! Select your grade level, subject area, and standard, and you are instantly provided with multiple options to assign to an individual student, small groups or your entire class. All of these quality assessments are peer reviewed for accuracy Common Core alignment and field tested for accessibility and ease of use.

Assessment Test Practice – Check It Out!

Socrative lets teachers engage and assess their students with educational activities on tablets, laptops and iPads. Through the use of real time questioning, instant result aggregation and visualization, teachers can gauge the whole class’ current level of understanding. Once again, registration is free and the technology is easy for teachers and exciting for students.

Tip for: Teachers and Parents

We know that traditionally benchmark testing has not only been a chore for teachers but a bore for students! Your students would much rather “play an educational game” on the computer — laptop, tablet or iPad, and you would prefer to be able to see immediate results. These wonderful tools and others can solve both problems.

Now you can receive immediate feedback and refocus instruction. In addition, parents would love to receive recommendations for keeping their children engaged in learning after the school day ends. By assigning and assessment geared toward mastery, parents can continue to reinforce these skills at home and view the results as well. This makes it a win-win-win — teachers-students-parents!

Educational technology can be fun with cool games for students, just find an assessment tool they like!

CJ is a certified professional educator with a MS in Instructional Technology. With over 25 years in education she is a consultant  to educational textbook publishers, school districts and corporations. As a professional development and training specialist  she was a major contributor to the CPALMS project, as well as a designer and facilitator for the Florida PROMiSE Grant Initiative.  She has written professional development courses to integrate technology in the classroom and collaborated with school districts  on Common Core for Math grades K-8. Originally a NJ native, she now resides in Florida where she continues to share her teaching strategies and educational technology and assessment ideas.