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Who Teaches Time, Pressure, Anxiety Management of Tests So Students Get the Grades They Deserve?

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Students Learn Test Taking Skills & Improve Scores Using Fun Educational Video Games.

Recommended for: Review, Homework & Practice.

Prepare Students For: PARCC, NWEA, Common Core, Smarter Balanced, Terra Nova, Gifted and Talented, SSAT, ISEE, Iowa Test, STAAR, IQ Tests
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
Alabama College and Career Ready Standards Testing
Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards Testing
Common Core State Standards Testing
Common Core State Standards Testing
Colorado Academic Standards Testing
Connecticut Core Standards Testing
Common Core State Standards Testing
Common Core State Standards Testing
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards Testing
Common Core Georgia Performance Standards Testing
Hawaii Common Core Standards Testing
Idaho Core Standards Testing
Illinois Common Core Standards Testing
Iowa Core  Testing
Kansas College and Career Ready Standards  Testing
Kentucky Core Academic Standards  Testing
Common Core State Standards Testing
Maine Learning Results Testing
Maryland’s College and Career-Ready Standards Testing
Massachusetts Curriculum Framework for English Language Arts and Literacy; Mathematics  Testing
Michigan Common Core State Standards  Testing
Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards (using CCSS for English Language Arts only)
Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Standards Testing
Missouri Learning Standards Testing
Montana English Language Arts and Mathematics Standards Testing
Nevada Academic Content Standards Testing
New Hampshire College and Career Ready Standards Testing
Common Core State Standards Testing
New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards Testing
Standard Course of Study Testing
North Dakota Common Core State Standards Testing
Ohio’s New Learning Standards Testing
Oregon Common Core State Standards Testing
Pennsylvania Core Standards Testing
Common Core State Standards Testing
Common Core in 2014-15 school year; new standards by 2015-16
South Dakota Common Core Testing
Tennessee’s State Standards Testing
Utah Core State Standards Testing
Common Core State Standards Testing
Common Core State Standards Testing
The Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives Testing
Common Core State Standards Testing
Wyoming Content and Performance Standards Testing

*States not using Common Core Testing in 2014-15: AK, IN, NE, OK, TX, VA; MN using Common Core Testing for English language arts only.

Class Compete is an educational gaming system designed to allow students to review and practice concepts they learn while teaching test taking skills and strategies needed to become a more confident test taker and improve scores. Students LOVE it and teachers get instant feedback to adjust learning plans and ultimately help students improve scores.


Teacher Benefits

  • 10k+ Common Core Test Example Questions
  • Ability to Create & Save Your OWN CONTENT in Our Games
  • Helpful Addition to Your Lesson Plans
  • Master skills for standardized tests
    • Speed Reading
    • Logical reasoning
    • Numerical logic
    • Abstract thinking
    • Verbal understanding
    • Cognitive improvement
    • Spatial reasoning
    • Inductive reasoning

Student Engagement

    • Students LOVE Using It (30% Play at Home!)
    • Works on Computers or Tablets
    • Learn Test Taking Skills
        • Time Management
        • Pressure Management
        • Fatigue Management
        • Anxiety Management

Similar To PARCC & Smarter Balanced

Our questions are hand chosen and specifically designed to be similar to computer based tests.

No Need To Grade

All results are in real time and in easy to read bar graphs. Makes it easy to see performance!

Any Platform

Our platform runs on any device you have at your school or home including: iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and Computer Browsers.

Create Your Own!

We have certified content, but not everything. You can always use our platform to build your own custom challenges!

Digital Tests Need Digital Practice

All challenge questions in our system mirror the same styles students will encounter when they take standardized tests. Practice makes perfect!

Involve Parents

Parents get a FREE portal so they can monitor student progress and be engaged in student learning.

Teacher Portal

What sets Class Compete apart from the rest is our desire to be a game and assessment system. Not only do students have fun games, but teachers have a robust portal where they can create classrooms, assign challenges and view progress reports in real time. Use the platform to support blended learning or a flipped classroom!

Similar to Common Core Based Tests

We have 16 question styles in our system that all resemble the new style of questions being seen in PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments. The Common Core tests are different than the old pencil tests. Students get practice and learn tactile skills for computer based tests while having fun. 

Assign Any of our Certified Challenges or Your Own

Our content is reviewed and approved by world class instructional designers and experts in the field of education. The content is displayed as an integrated part of the games and, most importantly, in a very similar fashion that computer based standardized tests are today. If we do not have the content you require, feel free to build your own using our tools.  Use it for differentiated instruction or your response to intervention (RTI) needs!

Bridge the School Home Connection

Our assessment system also includes a FREE parent portal. Parents can login and monitor student progress at a high level. This allows them to stay involved and see how their student is progressing and have more meaningful conversations with school personnel.

Improve Academic Performance