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Class Compete was launched in 2014 with the sole purpose of helping students become better test takers. After suffering from test anxiety in his academic career, and as he climbed other mountains in his life, our founder decided to re-imagine what it could be like taking a test. Examining data from 100,000 students in Title 1 schools, the idea of combing gaming and assessments came to fruition. It became clear that it was possible to make testing a positive learning experience and there was a way to reduce anxiety.

Data from Class Compete’s pilot program showed student’s math scores significantly improved after completing just ten challenges. In fact, research showed a 23% improvement in students’ scores, with 30% of students electing to play the game during their free time at home. The pilot program was conducted at four schools in the US and India in 2014, with findings researched by Instructional Design experts at Lehigh University.

All Class Compete’s apps are free to download for full access to features and free content options for students. Premium services options for additional content are also available

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