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Learning Games to Improve Test Taking Skills & Grades

Nearly 40% of students today suffer from testing unease, which can negatively impact their scores more than a full letter grade. Class Compete helps students overcome these hurdles by practicing test questions, learning time, pressure and anxiety management skills, all through the use of learning games.  The goal is to become better test takers and improve scores.

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How Do Learning Games Work?

Cool and Free Learning Games That Work

The Class Compete Educational Learning Game Solution for Kids is a fun, engaging way to build skills in different content areas and improve test taking skills, test scores and grades.  Our strategy is simple. We combine something kids enjoy, with something they have unease about.  As standardized testing has increased in every state, there is increased pressures to learn and show validation of knowledge.

Class Compete recognizes the issue, but wanted to help students practice how to perform on tests to their maximum abilities. We worked with students and found that both boys and girls like video games on computers and use apps for kids. We are preparing students to take these tests by using our educational games that have highly qualified test prep questions that reflect the skills they will need to excel on their common core, IQ test, aptitude test or any other state test.

The games are designed with the principles of neuroscience and neuroplasticity. In essence its brain training for test taking. We have used academic research and combined it with leading edge video gaming to create Class Compete. Each learning game will help kids prepare for their test. Many kids use our games that are a grade below and above to review concepts and improve skills for their current grade. Skill building is an ongoing task that has to be reviewed and practice regularly. We recommend students to try as many games as you can and it will help you improve your test taking skills and scores and grades!

Allow your student to play for hours, guilt free if you are a parent! If you are a student, engage in friendly competition with your classmates and see if you are smarter than the rest. Class Compete games are evidence backed to improve test scores and improve your test taking skills as you prepare for any test. The more you use Class Compete learning games for kids, the more you will improve your academics.

If you are searching for test prep in kids math games, kids reading games, apps for math, common core testing or generally just trying to find games for kids, Class Compete has the solution! We have piloted our program in leading private schools and our pilot study results showed double digit improvement in student scores. The research shows our games and methods improve student outcomes and help teachers improve lesson plans. Give Class Compete a try and have fun while doing it!