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Cool Math & Cool Reading Games
Fun for the Brain

Why Do I Need Cool Math Games & Cool Reading Games ?

With the advent of computer based common core testing and enhanced state and other standardized computer based testing, students are subject to new styles of questions they have not seen before as well a quantity of tests they are not prepared for. As testing is becoming more important, it is causing testing unease and not allowing students to perform to their peak abilities. Research shows the 40% of students suffer from testing anxiety, which can lower grades by one full letter grade . (Cizek and Burg (2006)

Class Compete is a test prep platform designed for K-8 students to practice and review concepts taught in the classroom, while learning test taking skills such as time, pressure, fatigue and anxiety management all through the creative use  of video gaming.

What Student Is This Appropriate For ?

Test prep is often found in higher grades to prepare for tests such as the SAT/GMAT/LSAT. As testing has become more prevalent as a means of measurement after the No Child Left Behind Act, it has steadily increased in grades K-8. Class Compete is aiming to assist parents and teachers who want to provide supplemental work to students to prepare for these tests. We will target parents, teachers, tutors and schools that provide services to students in K-8. Currently we offer fun and math games and reading games, with more fun games coming soon!

How Does This Work?Class Compete Fun Games Method

Our solution is built to be used on an infrequent basis and when there is time. We do not aim to disrupt the current pedagogy a school using, rather be a supplemental tool to be used. In our implementation we address the 3 participants and their usage patterns as follows:

  • Students – the video gaming platform can be used on a computer or on a mobile device. Most students have a mobile device or have access at home. Accordingly when they are enrolled in Class Compete they student can use the platform at home, on the school bus, in the car, on vacations etc. In pilot use, we found 30% of students used the product out of the classroom on their own time and setting.
  • Parents – parents can enroll students and use our free trial assessments. If they like the product they can pay $20 to purchase a grade/subject of assessments. The parent can purchase this from their computer or mobile device and register the student at the same time. Most parent usage has been found to be after 5pm, with the bulk coming after 8pm.
  • Teachers– in our pilot studies we have found teachers use the product as a supplemental  tool and formative assessment tool. They use it during breaks, after school and also during computer lab time. Teachers are always given 2 free fully functioning licenses, and additional licenses are $5/student. As the product works on any platform, the teachers also have seen that students take their login credentials and play at home on their own personal devices. As some schools are developing a BYOD policy, this is working to our advantage.

What are  the Results?


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With so many students suffering from some form of testing unease, we attempted to find a solution that would parallel the experience of taking web based testing while being something students actually enjoyed to do. Research has shown that both boys and girls are casually gaming over 1 hour a day and that figure is increasing.  Our solution became clear: Take exciting video gaming, integrate a fun test prep solution and include the teacher and parents into the solution to provide a realistic approach that would support positive student outcomes. National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

We piloted our solution in 4 schools and had amazing results with both students and teachers confirming how positive the experience was. Wanting to establish more understanding, we took our platform and thousands of student attempt data to Lehigh University and a PhD professor of education and his team.  The team analyzed the data and felt the product definitely enhanced student performance in test taking and that students that used our gaming platform approximately 30 minutes a week increased academic proficiency by over 10%.