Top Education Technology Classroom Tools

February 25, 2015
CJ Cannizzaro

Education TechnologyTop Tools Revealed for Successful Educational Technology Integration in the Classroom.

Classrooms in the 21st century are student-centered learning environments with technology playing a key role across the curriculum. Most districts either supply laptops, tablets or iPads for student use or have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. These “tools of the trade” can engage your students through interactive apps and websites enabling them to communicate and collaborate in the real world…in real time!

Technology in the Classroom: Make Your Bulletin Boards Come Alive

Traditionally, bulletin boards in the classroom have been used to display student work and keep parents up-to-date on news and upcoming events. The most popular tool for today’s tech savvy teachers is the online bulletin board Pinterest…so much so that there is a special website dedicated to Pinterest –Education Technology. Teachers can view examples or search through ideas for history, science, or writing. The most popular area is the Common Core Standards where teachers can find ideas for task cards, using graphic organizers, and assessments for math and reading. Parents will appreciate being “in touch” with the everyday happenings in their child’s classroom. Keep that all important home-school connection alive with your Pinterest classroom bulletin board!


Educational Technology Tools: To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Are teachers tweeting? Yes they are! Twitter can be an important tool for use in any classroom. By establishing a classroom account, teachers can post daily updates on classroom activities or tweet out questions in search of resources for special projects. Twitter also gives students the opportunity to engage in creative writing. This is a great way to get those budding writers motivated even as young as first and second grade. Teachers will find a wealth of resources with some of the most popular hashtags:  #edtech for Education Technology, #commoncore for Common Core Standards, and #edapp for Apps in Education. Connect your classroom and your students with resources around the world through Twitter!


Global Communication through Active Engagement

Today’s students are keenly aware that we live in a global society, and teachers have a very powerful tool with Skype for Education. Communication and collaboration are two of the necessary skills for college and career readiness. With this resource students can connect with classrooms anywhere in real time, teachers can invite guest speakers to their classrooms, or the class can take a virtual field trip to a museum, rainforest, historical site or science lab. The best feature of this tool is the fact that Skype in the classroom is ad free!


Publish Student Work through an Education Technology Blog

The education technology blog is a powerful and effective technology tool for students and teachers. Not only can teachers communicate with students, it is highly motivational for student engagement as well as a great way to get students to read and write by participating in forums and discussions.  According to the Common Core Standards students “use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others.” The tool of choice for this task is Edublogs…easy to set up and use, you can get your students blogging in no time!

Common Core Standards with Prezi!

Every student should be able to create and give presentations (also a Common Core Standard) and this has traditionally been accomplished through PowerPoint or Keynote. It is time to step into the 21st century realm of creating presentations with a popular tool called Prezi. It is free and simple to use…and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about saving the presentations on a jump drive or a server, since it is cloud-based. Share your presentations anywhere – anytime.Your students will enjoy being able to design presentations with that “wow factor” and their work will surely impress their parents too!

CJ is a certified professional educator with a MS in Instructional Technology. With over 25 years in education she is a consultant  to educational textbook publishers, school districts and corporations. As a professional development and training specialist  she was a major contributor to the CPALMS project, as well as a designer and facilitator for the Florida PROMiSE Grant Initiative.  She has written professional development courses to integrate technology in the classroom and collaborated with school districts  on Common Core for Math grades K-8. Originally a NJ native, she now resides in Florida where she continues to share her teaching strategies and educational technology ideas.