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Athletes Practice Every Day To Be Great…

How Does Your Student Practice & Prepare For A Test ?

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***Now Available*** K-8 Math & English

Improve student grades using educational video games, that simulate pressured environments found on standardized tests

Test Prep For: PARCC, Common Core, Smarter Balanced, Terra Nova, Gifted & Talented, SSAT, NWEA,  ISEE, STAAR, Iowa Test, IQ Test

Class Compete Educational Games

We are very serious about increasing your students academic performance. Our concept is to simulate test environment pressures by using educational games. It starts by taking really fun games for kids and then combine it with the best test questions.  The fun and cool games will reinforce skills they learned in the class, while teaching them test taking skills.  

  • FUN- engaging educational video games
  • Reinforce topics learned in the classroom
  • Test Prep – 17+ question styles found on standardized tests
  • Teach time, pressure, fatigue management
  • Improve grades!

Parent Benefits

You can only help your student if you have the right data. With our parent portal one can see in real-time student scores and you can engage with teachers in a more meaningful way.

  • FREE Trial of 3 Math Games per grade
  • Competitive advantage over other students
  • Practice concepts learned in class
  • Master skills for standardized tests
    • Speed Reading
    • Logical reasoning
    • Numerical logic
    • Abstract thinking
    • Verbal understanding
    • Cognitive improvement
    • Spatial reasoning
    • Inductive reasoning

Lots of Standardized Tests

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A reported 40% of students suffer from some type of testing unease. This is compounded by the amount of testing students have in schools. They are given IQ tests, Common Core tests, gifted and talented and also everyday quizes and homework evaluations to name a few.

Parents need to help their students get the grades they deserve.  Give your student an edge over the rest. Let them perform to their maximum abilities and overcome the achievement gap with Class Compete educational games.

Learning Games for Kids WORK!

Our research in pilot studies showed a 23% improvement in student performance. The more a student plays the better they improve their test taking skills and scores. Finally, an educational game for kids that you want them to play for hours! The kids like fun and cool games, and parents like that its helping them perform better at school. 

Educational Games Benefits

Improved Scores

Pilot studies showed a 23% improvement in student scores with limited use! Our EASY to read graphs make it simple to follow academic progress.

Play Anywhere Anytime

Class Compete educational games are found on iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and any computer browser!

Live Progress Data

Parent portal to get simple graphical information on how your student is doing!

Practice Make Perfect

Question styles and techniques found in all standardized tests, our games will prepare them for any assessment.

Certified Content

Our content is developed by professional instructional designers and properly aligned to common core AND your state standards.

Child Protection

Class Compete is very sensitive towards Child Protection Laws (COPPA) and works very hard to ensure your student’s data is protected at all times.

Want An Edge For Your Child?