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Want a FREE Acer Android tablet for your classroom?

acerCurrently we are looking for Schools/Teachers who would like to apply test our Math and Reading Test content. You will have FREE access to the system for a period of time as long as you agree to submit information we can use towards building a case study and sharing with the rest of the community. We are looking for creative use of the software that we have not seen before and showcase how its being used and its efficacy. We hope you will become a champion and also help us build our Education Network and become a Master Teacher (we are currently building this and will have certification and credibility associated with it).


Class Compete Application process: (CLICK HERE TO APPLY)

Some questions and ideas that might make you unique to be accepted into the program:

  • Let us know what country/state you are in.
  • How would you use the software in your pilot?
    – Example: would you use it after school as an optional program, or students to use at home in a flipped classroom, or for use during your classroom activities as a performance assessment. We are open to ANY ideas that others would emulate.
  • How many students would you pilot it with?
  • When would you start and for how long ?
  • What are the general characteristics of your pilot population of students.
    – Example: Grade, Student Skill Levels, Private/Public/Charter, Special Needs, etc.

Class Compete Evaluation Process:

We will evaluate all applications and if approved we will require you send us acceptance by your school official. As part of the program we will ask:

  • Send a picture of the implementation (please hide children faces so take pictures from behind)
    OR- a picture of you
  • Ask you to write a short analysis of what you did, how it worked, student reaction and your thoughts (1 page max )
  • Fill in the survey found below to give us feedback from all parties.

Class Compete Results:

  • We will write a case study quoting you and your analysis and publish it on our website- possibly a nationwide press release.
  • We will invite you to be in the first class of our Certified Class Compete program. You will get a certificate and badge you can display.
  • We will ship you a brand new FREE Acer Android Tablet for your use in the classroom!

If this sounds interesting  just apply  or if you questions contact us at moreinfo @ classcompete.com ! Good luck!