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I have carefully read the entire website and I think this will be a creative learning tool. A lot of us are visual learners and children are driven more and more to technology these days and finding the repetitive standard classroom learning to be boring. So, I truly believe this based game learning software will be exceptional to use in the classrooms.
Public School 4th Grade Teacher, Baltimore MD

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I just wanted to convey a huge thank you from our school’s side for sharing Class Compete with us.
The tool is simply amazing, and our kids love it! Once our students were hooked on to it, there was nothing stopping them. They enjoyed the whole multiplayer feel of it.
Primary School Teacher- Private School, New Delhi, India
I used Class Compete with my students yesterday and today and they are SO excited! They absolutely love it. One of my students came in this morning and said that he downloaded the app onto his personal device and remembered his login to play at home….I wish I would have had a video camera to share their initial reaction. As soon as they started playing the game they were raising their voices with excitement. At one point I had a student run from one end of the classroom to the other to share his score with a peer. It was awesome to see them so excited! I’m hoping to try out the feature where I can make my own challenges this weekend.
Private School For Special Needs- 5th Grade Math Teacher, Bethlehem, PA
We used the create your own challenge section. The challenge name was “what state is this?”. What a great feature.
Catholic School - New Jersey, New Jersey, Bernardsville